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How counterfeit products affect society

The trademark has long played a prominent role in indicating the source of products. There is no doubt that this role was the oldest of the functions of the mark that appeared from a historical perspective, as this traditional function of the mark was known in ancient societies, and the mark has continued to this day to play its role in indicating the source of products. Then the function of the mark developed as a result of economic changes and the establishment of large-scale production, and it no longer exists. It is limited to indicating the source, but has become a symbol of the qualities and characteristics of the products and their degree of quality. The presence of the mark inspires confidence and quality assurance to the consumer. In addition to that, another function for the trademark has recently emerged as a result of the huge investments allocated by institutions and companies, and the huge sums of money spent on advertising campaigns for the trademarks so that the public can recognize them and become firmly established in their minds. This function is known as the marketing function of the trademark.
It goes without saying that counterfeiting and counterfeiting trademarks hinders the performance of the trademark’s functions, and causes serious harm to society, as the damage resulting from counterfeiting and counterfeiting is not limited to industry and trade, but rather extends to the consumer who falls victim to fraud and deception, especially after the circle of trade in goods has expanded. They carry counterfeit trademarks and include all types of products and goods, including clothes, glasses, watches, car spare parts, industrial machines, and electrical appliances. The trade in counterfeit goods has also extended to goods whose imitation would harm human health and endanger their lives, such as food products, medicines, medical devices, car brakes, and aircraft spare parts.
In the world of printing, counterfeit products directly affect human health. For example, Ricoh, represented by Global For Office Equipment Company, which is its authorized distributor in Egypt, produces inks under the care of international experts and doctors so that the original inks do not produce harmful exhausts to the environment, humans, and also machines.
The counterfeit inks were produced without any medical supervision, so they produce exhausts that are directly harmful to the user of the machine and may lead to his death.