Authorized distributor for Ricoh agent in Egypt


Our Services

Global Office Equipment sells all Ricoh products inside Egypt, as it is the authorized distributor for the Ricoh agent in Egypt, where we have many Ricoh products for digital printing solutions in Egypt. There are products that meet the needs of small companies or offices, such as small printers, and there are products that meet the needs of large companies, such as Large document copiers with speeds ranging from 60 to 135 images per minute
There are other products that meet the needs of contracting companies, such as printing engineering maps (plotter).
There is pictorial printing that meets the needs of large printing presses
There are scanners that save a lot of wasted paper and wasted time writing
There are tremendous multifunctional printers that meet many companies' needs
There are programs that meet the needs of network employees, as you can easily deal with all Ricoh products with the click of a button and from your office without any problems.
Global Office Equipment Company, the authorized distributor of Ricoh agents in Egypt, provides many Ricoh products
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